6:00am Boxing with Taylor

9:30am Bootcamp with Taylor *New*

6:00pm Metcon with Josh


6:00am HIIT with Josh
9:30am HIIT with Dani

6:00pm HIIT with Dani

7:00pm Bootcamp/Boxing with Taylor *New*


6:00am Strength & Conditioning with Josh

6:00pm Strength & Conditioning with Josh


6:00am Bootcamp with Josh

9:30am Boxing with Taylor *New*

6:00pm Metcon with Josh


6:00am HIIT with TBC

9:30am HIIT with Dani


7:30am HIIT with Dani

8:30am HIIT with Dani

Boxing: a cardiovascular workout, including skipping, boxing drills, footwork and abdominal workouts – all focusing on fitness and toning.

HIIT: A high intensity, cardio based, full body workout, focused on increasing your heart rate.

Strength & Conditioning: A medium paced workout, focusing on both strength/technique and incorporating a high intensity cardio workout to finish.

Metcon: A high intensity, functional movement workout to get the whole body moving, whilst working at your own pace/fitness level. 

Bootcamp: A full body workout at your own pace combining cardio, resistance and strength training.


3a/108 Tolley Road St Agnes SA Australia 5097

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